A startup from the United Arab Emirates Adab Solutions launched based on the principles of Sharia cryptocurrency exchange FICE.

UAE’s Adab Solutions Launches First Islamic Crypto Exchange https://t.co/Yb4XYTo0HA

ā€” Adab Solutions (@AdabSolutions) 20 Aug 2018

FICE due to the startup aims to develop Islamic cryptonomicon and to create a global infrastructure for Muslims. The activities of the exchange will be at the expense of standards and control of the Advisory Board of Sharia (SAB).

The new site intends to allow only Halal cryptocurrency transactions and plans to add to the listing those tokens that correspond to the moral values of Muslims.

Coins, gambling, immoral services, production of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products will not be traded on FICE.

As stated by the representatives of the company, ADAB Solutions will donate to charity 5% of the quarter’s revenue.

In September, the startup will launch ICO and released its own token platform ADAB, intended for access to various functions of the exchange and payment transaction commissions.

ForkLog earlier reported that registered in Dubai DMCC company Regal RA got the first in the middle East state licence to trade in cryptocurrencies.