For coinmine the company revealed details of its first product — a hardware device for cryptocurrency mining for coinmine One.

As promised the company, in order to join the mining industry with a new device, you will not need to acquire specific technical skills.

In addition, appearance for coinmine One does not look like the usual ASIC miners, the apparatus is rather similar to Xbox. Given that the work he creates, the noise is only 40 dB, and consumes 120 W, it can be installed in a residential room or office.

According to the company, all of these qualities, together with the affordable price of $799 will allow for coinmine One to democratize the market for mining equipment, reduce barriers of entry into the business of cryptocurrency mining and become a mass product.

“We think that there is a market for millions, if not tens of millions,” — said General Director for coinmine of Farbood Nivi (Farbood Nivi).

According to the company, for coinmine One will offer several options for mining bitcoins: Ethereum (ETH) speed of computation 29 MH/s, Monero (XMR) 900 H/s, zcash for (ZEC) with 320 H/s and Ethereum Classic (ETC). Control your income and manage the mining, the user can through the app for Android or iOS.

For coinmine intends to start selling the new miner in mid-December, but the exact date and planned shipment quantity of the company refused to name.

It is remarkable that this week the company GMO Internet has announced the delay of deliveries of their ASIC miners for a 7-nm chip due to the lack of necessary electronic components, the market demand for some of them exceeds the supply.