Team EOS has introduced a new blockchain platform, the users of which can become all the members of the crypto community. The platform will allow them to share information and run joint projects.

Within this ecosystem team EOS is going to broadcast to users of the blockchain network in English, Chinese and Korean. Manufacturers of blocks, including EOS New York, Tribe of EOS, and EOS LiquidEOS Nation, supported the launch platform for members of the crypto community.

Network on the blockchain will act as a communication forum, where users can put forward suggestions for improving the quality of work the digital platform. To manage it, will the Coordinating Council, composed of community representatives and producers of blocks.

Some users expressed concerns with the advent of the coordinating Council, as this may lead to bureaucratic organizations, which is incompatible with the principles of the platform.

However, the blockchain network urged the community not to worry and said that the new structure will deal only with the supervision of technical and organizational issues.