The Senate of the state of Colorado is considering a bill on “digital tokens” that exempts crypto-currencies from the application of certain securities laws.

As a bipartisan initiative, presented in the Senate by Republican Jack Tate (Jack Tate) and Democrat Steve list of places where (Steve Fenberg), “Act on digital tokens Colorado” provides limited exemption from registration of securities and licensing requirements broker-dealer and seller for those working with digital tokens.

According to the text of the bill, the digital token is defined as a digital unit with special characteristics, protected by a decentralized database to be exchanged for goods or services, with the possibility of sale or transfer between people without a mediator.

The paper also argues that the new law will allow companies in the state to use cryptoamnesia system to obtain the startup capital for growth, which will help them in further expansion and development:

“Blockchain technology has the potential to create new types of decentralized platforms and Web 3.0 applications, which have advantages over existing centralized online platforms and applications.”

The bill is discussed on the background of strengthening of regional US regulators in relation to the ICO projects. We will remind that in November, the service supervision of the securities market in Colorado has issued orders of termination of the activities of the four ICO, suspected of violating securities laws and fraudulent activities. Just recently, Colorado made 18 such orders.

A previous similar bill was rejected by the state Senate in may of last year.