Processing company CoinGate has announced the launch of Lightning-wallet service for merchants that will enable sellers of goods and services to accept bitcoins in real-time.

As stated in the blog of the Lithuanian company, the wallet will be available from 1 July to a select group of merchants. It is expected that this pilot launch Lightning-purse would be the final step before migrating into the main network.

“Lightning Network is a fresh technology that precisely fits into our vision of what should be a bitcoin in the future. Our main argument for starting the ENG is a strong belief that this technology will have a huge positive impact on bitcoin as a whole”, — the developers of CoinGate.

The start of test support payments by using the Lightning Protocol Network, which provides high speed confirmation of bitcoin transactions with a significant decrease in Commission costs, the team CoinGate announced in may of this year.

In March Coingate signed an agreement with the application for e-Commerce Prestashop, which will allow more than 80 thousand of the European stores to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.