The oldest British crypto-currency exchange Coinfloor on the basis of their unit CoinfloorEX in the near future will launch a trading platform CoinFLEX (Coin Lending and Futures Exchange), which will offer kriptosistem in the Asian market futures contracts on the bitcoin Cash Bitcoin and Ethereum physical delivery of scriptactive and leverage up to 20x.

Will head the new business with office in Hong Kong and registered in the Seychelles, co-founder of Coinfloor mark lamb (Mark Lamb). It is supported by company Trading Technologies, Dragonfly Capital Partners, Global Advisors, B2C2, Amber AI, Grapefruit Trading, Alameda Research, Roger Ver (Roger Ver) and Mike Komarinski (Mike Komaransky).

“Cryptocurrency derivatives can show growth much higher than spot markets, and the main thing that is holding them back (in that direction) is the lack of physical delivery. The trading volume is negatively affected by trust issues in the area of cash payments,” explained lamb.

The contracts will be traded against stablon USDT, and CoinFLEX also plans to launch futures contracts for USDT calculations in another seblaine – USDC. Lamb believes that the product Tether is the most liquid steilcoom best indicator in trading volume and the latest information of banking and other partners of the Issuer USDT about her condition to inspire confidence.

Recall that in October 2018, Coinfloor has become the first cryptocurrency platform, licensed in Gibraltar. Launched in spring of the same year marketplace CoinfloorEX was aimed at providing futures contracts on the bitcoin hedge funds, private trading companies, experienced retail investors, and miners.