Director of institutional sales of us exchange Coinbase cryptocurrency Christine Sandler revealed some details of its acquisition by Neutrino startup company that provides tools for analysis of transactions in the blockchain, which resulted in protest by a number of users, United in the movement #DeleteCoinbase. According to Sandler, the services of Neutrino Coinbase decided to use after one of its partners violated the requirements of the policies of the exchange in the field of work with the data.

“It was important for us to get away from our current suppliers, – she has declared in conversation with the portal Cheddar. They were selling customer data to outside sources, which we were forced to take control of the situation and to get their hands on technology that could be used to provide data security and protection of our customers.”

Relations and Neutrino Coinbase has raised the IRE of users after it was found out that among the employees of a startup are former members of the organization Hacking Team, known for selling spyware to authoritarian regimes and received a nickname “enemy of the Internet”.

“We know the history of some of the guys working on the Neutrino, and we are investigating the issue, added Sandler. – The reason that prompted us to buy Neutrino, lies in the fact that their technology is the best in its kind.”

How notes portal Messari, citing sources with knowledge of the situation, Coinbase had few opportunities for choice, as nearly all regulated stock exchanges of the cryptocurrency forced to use the services of several major analyst firms, such as Elliptic and Chainalysis. The source said that in recent times, these firms are building data exchange with the exchanges on mutually beneficial terms, that is, Coinbase could gain access to the interested services only if you have agreed to transfer their own data.

Coinbase decided to implement the necessary tools in your infrastructure to avoid the need to resort to third-party companies, the source said, adding that due to the Neutrino solutions the American stock exchange will be able to ensure full privacy of its users.

If the announcement of the acquisition of Neutrino caused the boycott exchange on the part of some users that attempt to explain this decision found even less support in the community. So, bitcoin meetup of Seattle announced that it will no longer use Coinbase to demonstrate the process of buying, selling, sending and receiving bitcoins.

Seattle Bitcoin [email protected]_meetup

1/3 We’ve used @Coinbase at meetups to demonstrate how to buy, sell, send, and receive Bitcoin. This despite the meetup organizer”s personal concerns over how the company operates. It’s the most popular tool in the US for newcomers; so we want to use what most newbies recognize.

“Coinbase is the most popular instrument for beginners in USA, but with the recent acquisition of Neutrino and unexpected announcement of the sale of customer data has gone too far,” writes the organization, adding that in the future for presentations will use the Gemini exchange.”If Chainalysis sells the data, this is a serious problem for privacy/security of users of almost all exchanges and some wallets,” said developer Matt Odell.”About #DeleteCoinbase: if you are trying to use different data on Twitter and in real life, better not to write immediately about deleting your account on Coinbase. Coinbase just hired those who helped to send people to prison, having such information. If you post a screenshot, make sure you’ve removed all identifying information. To make it much more difficult than it may seem. If in doubt, do not upload anything at all,” said the developer of the UDI Wertheimer.

Sandler in conversation with a Cheddar touched on a topic that became the subject of discussion in the last week – adding XRP on Coinbase. According to her, even if the Commission securities and exchange Commission (SEC) will decide to accept XRP securities, Coinbase will be ready for this due to the recent acquisition of broker-dealer of Keystone, which gives it the right to work with such tools.

“Adding this asset to our platform have attracted a lot of interest, she explained. – There is talk about how if he could be considered a security or not, but we are not lawyers in the field of securities. We decided that convincing arguments can be found in favor of each of the versions”.