The leading cryptocurrency company Coinbase announced the launch of the Coinbase Wallet, “simple and secure” wallet and browser, which are intended to replace decentralized mobile browser Toshi, the development of which specialists of the company been doing for the last year and a half.

Toshi is now @CoinbaseWallet! This is not just a new name, but part of a larger effort to invest in products that will define the future of the decentralized web and make that future accessible to anyone.

— Coinbase (@coinbase) August 15, 2018

According to the company, Coinbase Wallet should not be viewed simply as a tool to access the cryptocurrencies, and as a starting point for the decentralized Internet and explore its possibilities.

“We believe that the future will be to create a decentralized Internet (the blockchain). Each person will have crypto, which will give them access to decentralized applications, and will become the gate to open financial system”, — is spoken in the Coinbase blog.

About the beginning of work on Toshi California the company first announced in April of 2017, positioning it at the moment as Ethereum messenger Token. The last months of product development was led by Peter Kim, the founder of a startup Cipher Browser, which was acquired by Coinbase in April of this year.

Among the features Coinbase Wallet is the ability to control the ETH and tokens ERC-20 (supporting BTC, LTC and BCH are expected soon), getting Andropov ICO-tokens, purchase and storage of cryptocurrency collectors ‘ items, as well as their use in games, or trade on the exchanges.

Also Coinbase Wallet gives users the ability to send payments anywhere in the world, gives them access to leading decentralized exchanges and decentralized third-party applications.

Current users of Toshi, says the company, there is no need to take any action because the app will be updated to Coinbase Wallet automatically.

Simultaneously, Coinbase announced the acquisition of a startup Distributed Systems, engaged in the development of identification solutions on the blockchain.

We will remind, last week the release of of the Board of Directors Coinbase announced David Marcus, Vice President of Facebook, and more recently, the head of the group for the study of blockchain, the largest social network.