The largest American cryptocurrency company Coinbase announced the launch of the index Fund focused on accredited investors.

Announcing: Coinbase Index Fund is open for investment.

ā€” Coinbase (@coinbase) June 2018 12 R.

According to the Coinbase, there is “huge interest” in cryptocurrencies among investors who can afford to invest in new assets $250 thousand to $20 million.

“Coinbase Index Fund gives investors access to all the assets shown on our exchange and weighted by market capitalization, the company informs in his blog. ā€” In the future the Fund will balansirovka to include Ethereum Classic and other assets to be supported by Coinbase”.

Representatives of the company noted that currently work on the funds, which will enable a richer range of scriptactive and, thus, will be focused on a wide range of investors.

Yesterday, June 12, Coinbase announced support for the Ethereum cryptocurrency Classic. Support involves adding the asset to the exchange CoinbasePro (GDAX), the service Coinbase Custody, as well as the inclusion of a new index Fund.