Coinbase in the near future will not conduct an initial public offering (IPO). About it on October 31 President and chief operating officer of the American cryptocurrency company Asif, Hirji, writes Cointelegraph.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Hirji, which itself hinted at the possibility of holding an IPO last year, said that although the company will go public “at some point,” this goal is “very far from the top” in her list of priorities:

In the near future IPO will not; we now have so much to do.

We will remind that last week the leader of the program Crypto Trader on CNBC Africa Ren Neuner said that Coinbase is going to announce the IPO on October 26 (but this did not happen).

Hirji, said that the company’s management in the coming years intends to diversify revenue streams across multiple platforms. He also noted that Coinbase wants to get around the complicated relationship of US regulators to the cryptocurrency industry, offering residents more assets for trading:

While we offer seven of cryptocurrencies, but you can expect that we will move from seven to 200-300 in the next year or so. Some we will offer in the US, but most probably outside the country.

This step is the same taken Bittrex: it announced that it intends to enter the global market thanks to the launch Bittrex International (formerly known as Bittrex Malta).

We will remind, this week it became known that Coinbase received a valuation of $8 billion after a new round of financing of $300 million.