According to the head of sales Christine Sandler, Coinbase (Christine Sandler), the company acquired the blockchain startup of the Neutrino as the previous providers of solutions for protecting customer data sold information to a third party.

About purchase of the Italian company Coinbase Neutrino became known on February 19. In cryptosuite it was perceived ambiguously because of the personalities of some of the startup founders — before they participated in the Hacking Team spy software which was used for surveillance by many governments and law enforcement agencies around the world, including a number of authoritarian countries.

In response to the acquisition of the company with a controversial reputation in the community movement began with the hashtag #DeleteCoinbase for the closing of the accounts on the American a crypto currency exchange.

In an interview with Cheddar Christine Sandler defended the decision Coinbase to buy Neutrino, calling their technology “best in class”:

“We know about the origin of some of the people who were involved in Neutrino, and study it. I think that’s a good reason for the purchase was that the Neutrino is indeed the industry’s best technology, the best in its class. Moreover, it was important for us to move away from our current providers, they actually sell customer data to outside sources. We are really interested to get it under control and have a patented technology that we could use to ensure data security and protect our customers.”