Service for institutional investors in Coinbase Custody considering adding support for 37 new cryptocurrency and token. This was reported in the Coinbase blog.

Among these assets are Ripple, EOS, Monero, Cardano, Stellar Lumens, zcash for, Tezos, Bitcoin, Gold and others.

In a statement the company says that new assets can be added only for storage and not for trading. While Coinbase will try to make it “faster and safer”.

It is also noted that adding support for these assets in service Coinbase Custody does not mean that they will be added to other products of the company. To become available for trading they must undergo special Digital Asset Framework.

Recall that the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has opened a Coinbase Custody services for institutional investors from the US and the EU in June.

The new site is a mix of cold wallet for scriptaction, the mediation system at the institutional level and expanded client programs.

That Coinbase is set to launch the service for the storage of cryptocurrency-oriented institutional investors, became known in may.