Representatives cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced the successful integration of custodial service Coinbase Custody to the work of the OTC platform. Last week they tested the new opportunity now open for users.

It is expected that this will enhance security operations and provide clients with quick access to liquidity. Users of Coinbase Custody will now be able to assess and confirm the terms of the transaction and transfer funds on the OTC platform without their output through crypto.

Coinbase Custody + OTC = easy, instant, anonymous liquidity for offline funds

Coinbase Custody clients can now trade OTC directly into and out of their custody accounts.

— Coinbase Custody (@CoinbaseCustody) March 13, 2019

However, the developers of crypto Wallet Coinbase has announced the opening for the customers another opportunity to link the app with your account on that will allow you to transfer funds to the app in a few clicks.

The update will appear in the coming days, users will be notified of need to activate this option in the app settings. In the future it is also expected to implement reverse transfer scriptactive from Coinbase Wallet to account replenishment via purchasing cryptocurrency neposredstenno in crypto and the possibility of trades or the exchange of funds to Fiat currency.

You can now easily transfer from your crypto account to your user-controlled Coinbase Wallet app with just a couple of clicks

— Coinbase Wallet (@CoinbaseWallet) March 12, 2019

Recall that in mid-February, the users of Coinbase Wallet introduced the ability to save encrypted AES-256-GCM the private keys via Google Drive (for Android devices) or iCloud (for iOS devices).