American cryptocurrency company Coinbase has announced the addition of support stablon USD Coin (USDC) released a payment company Circle last month.

Starting today, Coinbase customers in the accepted jurisdictions can buy, sell, send and receive USDC via as well as apps for iOS and Android. USDC was the first and the second steilcoom ERC20-token on Coinbase. Earlier this month, Coinbase has integrated its own ERC20-token 0x draft under the Ticker symbol ZRX.

“Underlying the USDC technology was developed in partnership between Coinbase and Circle, are partners and co-founders of a new consortium CENTRE,” said the company.”The benefits of digital currencies on the blockchain, such as USDC, lies in the fact that it is easier to use in software, to transmit, to implement in a decentralized application and store locally, rather than the dollar, which on a traditional Bank account. That’s why we see it as an important step towards a more open financial system.”

Support USDC for the Coinbase exchange Pro will be added “in coming weeks”. Currently, users can work with the USDC as with any other asset in the wallet Coinbase.

Circle, for its part, in a separate message today announced the official launch of a joint consortium with Coinbase CENTRE, which was announced earlier this year.

“Coinbase and Circle have common vision of an open global financial system based on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. The realization of this vision requires the cooperation of industry leaders on the creation of compatible protocols and standards,” writes Circle. “CENTRE was formed to develop these standards and technologies needed to work with Fiat on the Internet.” Discuss current news and events on the Forum