Decentralized cloud computing platform iExec joined forces with IT giant Intel to create solutions in the field of preserving the privacy of ofcan computing.

Intel and iExec have started a collaboration on privacy-preserving computing offchain. In a joint presentation with @intel during Consensus, iExec gave a live demonstration of its product using Intel SGX solutions. #consensus18 #consensus2018

— iExec (@iEx_ec) 16 may 2018 R.

New product presentation was held during the new York conference Consensus 2018, where he also conducted a seminar Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, members of which are Intel and iExec.

Decentralized platform based on Intel SGX is able to process financial information and make predictions on its basis, while ensuring a high level of data privacy.

“iExec is a pioneer in the use of the SGX technology, designed to improve the safety of the ecosystem on the basis of the blockchain. We are very pleased to start cooperation with Intel. Preserving privacy in the context of the decentralized cloud infrastructure is an extremely important task for the industry”, — said CEO and co-founder iExec Gilles Fedak.

Also recently became aware of the partnership iExec with the RSK project, which is working to add to the blockchain of bitcoin is the possibility of using Turing-complete smart contracts

iExec is proud to announce its compatibility with RSK , a side-chain that enables smart contracts on the blockchain the Bitcoin.

Find out more about RSK and why this is an exciting step for the iExec platform:$RLC #iExec #RSK @RSKsmart #bitcoin

— iExec (@iEx_ec) 14 may 2018 R.

In partnership with Argentinean startup RSK platform iExec will work to allow bitcoin applications to process information outside of the blockchain, and secure decentralized applications access on-demand and scalable resources of cloud computing.

The next major update iExec scheduled for may 29, which will feature a new version of a decentralized platform for trading cloud resources.

Recall, the first release, a decentralized platform for distributed computing from ages was held last fall.

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