The company Circle is to use monitoring tools market digital financial services at Nice Actimize to prevent all sorts of manipulation.

Nice Actimize, part of Israel’s giant for the development of enterprise software Nice Ltd., provides professional client tools to reduce the risks of financial crime and compliance.

Circle will use the Actimize Cloud Markets Surveillance (CMS) for the early detection and active prevention of malicious trading activity on its own platform, including insider trading and fraudulent schemes, including so-called Pump&Dump (pump and dump).

Robert bench (Robert Bench), Executive Director and chief counsel for regulation Circle:

“Adaptation of innovative technological solutions, such as solutions for ensuring compliance of the financial markets from Nice Actimize, to meet the potential needs of regulators and protection of our assets is terminating this agreement.”

Recall, according to the study published by MIT Technology Review in December 2018, on the fraudulent practice of Pump&Dump crypto on the market every month for about $7 million in trading volume.