Cryptocurrency startup Circle, despite difficult times for the stock market in may has attracted new institutional investors 30% more than in April. According to CEO Jeremy Allaire (Jeremy Allaire), Circle also spent 15 times more transactions than the same period last year. Minimum order in this case was $250 thousand.

As of Monday, operations at the site vnebirzhevyh trade Circle Trade translated into automatic mode, and customers no longer need to carry on with sotrudnikami company correspondence in Skype, allera is confident that this figure will rise even more.

“Large institutional investors do not work with brokers on the phone. They prefer electronic interface. We become more Mature traditional product that trades are faster and more flexible,” said Aller.

We will remind, earlier it became known that in the Circle intend to obtain a Federal banking license from the United States to register with the securities and exchange Commission (SEC) as a broker and trading platform.