The co-founder of the American payment company Circle, Sean Neville and Jeremy Allaire in this environment has published a report, according to which they officially launch its stablein USD Coin (USDC) was developed with the support of a consortium of CENTRE and serves as a tool tokenization of the U.S. dollar to its smooth transfer through the blockchain.

For the first time on the development of the USDC was announced at the Consensus conference in may this year. Initially, the access token will be able to companies, collaborating with Circle.

“Individuals and companies can use the service to Deposit in US dollars from your Bank account and convert them to tokens suitable for use anywhere where there is Internet,” they write. Users can also convert tokens USDC back to Fiat, which will be credited to their Bank account.”Scriptactive and blockchain technology allows us to share values and to carry out transactions among themselves. Instantly, securely, at the global level and with low costs,” writes Circle.”The fundamental basis of this vision is the most tokenization of Fiat currency, which we now call Vietnam steilcoom. Safe, transparent and credible level for the operation of Fiat in the public block chain and smart contracts is a necessary precondition for disclosure of a broader and revolutionary potential of the world economy based on cryptocurrency”.

Since launch, the token will be available on the exchange Poloniex, which Circle acquired earlier this year, and Huobi, OKEx, DigiFinex, CoinEx, KuCoin, Coinplug and XDAEX.

Circle also announced that Kyber Network, IDEX, Radar Relay, and Tokenlon made with her cooperation agreement at the Protocol level, and Dharma, Origin, BlockFi, MoneyToken, Melonport and Centrifuge will work with steilcoom for the provision of lending, investment, and payment options.

In conversation with CoinDesk, the company announced that the firm Grant Thornton, working in the field of professional services, is “to publicly report on the financial situation of released Circle token USDC on a monthly basis.”

With the release of the USDC Circle is part of a number of companies such as Paxos, Gemini, Carbon, Havven, and even IBM, which also issued its own stabilini or working on them.

“Tokens with a stable price is a fundamental requirement for creating a powerful new global financial contracts, products and services on the Internet,” explained Neville and Allaire. Discuss current news and events on the Forum