A group of leading Chinese universities planning to establish a decentralized Autonomous organization (DAO) in order to make educational resources more accessible. This is stated on the website of the innovation incubator of Tsinghua x-lab.

In the initiative titled Youth Education Chain League (YEC League) will participate in the Beijing and Zhejiang universities, and Tsinghua University. Educational institutions and research institutes in the DAO will act as the gcd.

According to the creators, the project will be the opposite of the American ivy League, in which educational resources are mostly available only to the elite.

In the end, participants will be able to vote for future developments and applications on the platform, while students will have access to educational resources from different institutions, are placed on the same blockchain.

As previously reported, until the end of this year the country will set up a national Committee for standardization of the blockchain. Thus China is planning to complete the standardization of the blockchain in 2018.