Chinese cloud provider Xunlei Limited, also known as Chinese BitTorrent, has announced the launch of a new distributed file system designed to support the blockchain platforms.

The company presented their project at the event in Shenzhen, before you announce the winners of the international competition of blockchain applications, which she sponsored.

New ThunderChain file system (TCFS), designed to support high-capacity of the block chain, combining the functions of existing platforms such as the IPFS and filecoin, as well as offering additional means of flexibility and security.

About creating ThunderChain Xunlei first became known in April. Then the company said that its new blockchain development can achieve the “processing capacity of millions of transactions per second”.

TCFS is especially adapted to work with high-capacity blockchains, its release is accompanied by a set of three standards to attract third-party developers to create applications on the blockchain ThunderChain.

Recall that in mid-June, one of the largest Chinese retailers Suning, through its banking PODRAZDELENIE Suning Bank, began testing the blockchain app with which banks will be able to create and maintain a General list of customers with bad credit history. It is assumed that each financial institution will be able to become blockchain-Noda, providing access to their information to other banks.