Chinese mining farm, which suspended work last year because of the collapse of the stock market, resume production of digital assets.

The representative of one of the farm Xu Feng told reporters that the markets, and many miners in Sichuan province to suspend the mining of bitcoins in October of last year, back to work.

He said:

A large amount of equipment for bitcoin mining, off at the fall of the market in Sichuan, starts to work again. It is expected that the number of active mining devices will grow to 1 million

At the end of last year, many miners were forced to suspend production of bitcoins due to declining revenues. Actually BTC mining became unprofitable, a similar situation was observed in other countries.

For example, the Russians began to massively sell mining hardware, and the number of announcements of sale of such devices in the end of the year has increased dramatically.

Now Xu Feng believes that the situation is normalized, so the miners back into the industry.

Under the control of Xu Feng, now there are six mining-farms in Sichuan province, three of whom are yet under construction. According to Feng, the profit he will be able to get roughly in the following year, when the market will show more aggressive growth.