Cryptocurrency investor from China decided in a judicial proceeding to achieve 38.748 Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which he was to receive from the exchange OKCoin after a meeting held in August 2017 hard forks of bitcoin, but until now they never saw. This writes the Finance Magnates.

According to the user under the name Feng Bin, the stock exchange refused to enlist to his account due to him after a hard forks BCH, saying that he never requested up to the specified deadline.

Now he intends to achieve from OKCoin paid nearly $25, 000 in RMB. At the market rate BCH specified number of coins is estimated at approximately $27 500.

OKCoin previously told the user that they will be based on BCH coins in the ratio 1:1 to means that were in their accounts as of August 1, 2017. However, when Feng Bin was trying to request your BCH, the corresponding button simply disappeared. Contact the exchange, he found out that this button was a program that automatically enrolled BCH at the expense of users, but it was visible for a time.

“You can no longer request a BCH, because the program was removed. If you withdrew coins within the specified period, to make it is impossible,” — allegedly told user representatives OKCoin.

Feng Bin, however, does not agree with such allegations and insists that the exchange has not informed him that there is a time limit on the request of the BCH.

“I didn’t pay attention to ads OKCoin, and they never said that there is some deadline for getting the [BCH], and that the program will be removed”, — he said.

It is noteworthy that among the counter-arguments OKCoin also present a statement of “abnormally” low trading activity of the user, given the state of the market in 2017.

We will remind, in June the court of Florida revisited the class-action suit filed by the former investors of the now defunct bitcoin exchange Cryptsy vs California platform Coinbase.

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