As reported by local news media HK01, Director of the Chinese school and the Deputy was caught in the ether mining on school computers.

It all started with the fact that the staff of the high school Puman in Hunan noticed the unusually loud noise of the school computers all day, even during holidays. This anomaly lasted for several months. The speed school IT network also dropped significantly, from-for what the staff has encountered difficulties. Tired of the endless noise and low speed operation of the devices, the teachers began to search for the source of the problem. In the end, in one of the empty school premises they found seven working devices for mining.

It was later revealed that the Director and his Deputy, who established the miners, at first engaged in the extraction of air at home, but after began to receive huge bills for electricity, moved the miners to work.

The school Director lei Hua was fired and his Deputy WAN Ciobanu reprimanded. Edition HK01 does not report any further action against these teachers.

The building of secondary school in Hunan province, where happened the incident.

According to the materials of The Next Web.