The Creator of Cardano, co-founder and head of the Ethereum blockchain company IOHK Charles Hoskinson (Charles Hoskinson) argues that bitcoin will return to the maximum of $20 thousand per unit in 10-11 years. At this point, according to him, the ecosystem of scriptaction change significantly, and millions or billions of users will be calculated using the cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services.

In support of his forecast, he draws an analogy with the history of Amazon, the cost of which collapsed because of the dot-com bubble, however, recovered 12 years after the crisis.

The key moment in the evolution of cryptocurrency, Hoskinson to consider coming into this market from institutional investors, sposobstvuyuschih development of the sector regulation. In addition, they are smart enough and picky and need an ecosystem of complex trading strategies and instruments: derivatives, options, short sales – with the advent of which one can forget about volatility.

Recall that, according to research firm Delphi Digital, bitcoin quotes found the bottom in the first quarter of 2019, because the selling pressure is nearly exhausted. Based on previous cycles the first cryptocurrency experts of the analytical company expect a new peak of BTC prices of about 17 APR 2020.