The CEO of cryptocurrency exchange WEX (ex BTC-e) Dmitry Vasiliev intends to sell the site of the ex-militants “DNR” Dmitry, Halchenko, known under the Callsign “Sailor”. The amount of the transaction can amount to several million dollars. This was on the basis of its own investigation according to RBC.

According to the publication, Chevchenko and Vasiliev at the end of April 2018, signed a contract of intent, which agreed to a deal to sell the exchange WEX.

“Due to various force majeure events that have occurred with the exchange, Vasiliev, who served in the WEX office Manager, came with the right sale. We want to buy”, — said Dmitry Hevchenko.

The fact of the negotiations confirmed by Vasiliev himself, stating that not involved in the management of the exchange since January.

“Relationships with partners are deadlocked. Plan to sell and pursue other projects”, — he said in comments to RBC.

According to some reports, the deal could be the owner of the group of companies “Constantinople” Konstantin Malofeev. However, Chevchenko denies any connection with the oligarch, and claims that the purchase will produce at their own expense, refusing, however, to give a specific amount of the transaction.

Dmitry Hevchenko believes that blockchain technology will allow you to bypass the sanctions to transfer money into all of the unrecognized Republic, not only in DPR/LPR, but also in Transnistria, South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

He also confirmed that it now has “some influence” on the current work of WEX, but its “not enough”. After purchase, Havenco plans to move the team exchanges in the Crimea, and the management company to re-register in one of the unrecognized republics.

Add that to the log ForkLog asked for comments to Dmitry Vasiliev and are currently awaiting its response.

Recall that after the closure of BTC-e, and the arrest of its accounts and servers in the summer of 2017 the accounts of customers along with the site was bought by new owners, and the exchange was renamed as WEX.

In April 2018 WEX paid out 20% of the total amount on debt obligations of Internet sites BTC-e.

In late may, an alleged co-owner of BTC-e, Alexander Vinnik, who was arrested in Greece on suspicion of laundering $4 billion, confessed fraud through bitcoin exchange. In the US he faces up to 55 years in prison.