Although the leading cryptocurrency is far from the December price of heights, they are making progress in agreements with regulators and infrastructure development. This situation allows some members of the sector to be optimistic. For example, Julian Hosp, President and co-founder specializing in cryptocurrency wallets and cards TenX startup, technology conference RISE in Hong Kong told CNBC:

In December the price reached a historical high of $20 000. I predicted that in 2018 we will see at least $5000 and a maximum of $60 000. As for the $5000, we have almost reached this level. Let’s see if we can reach the level of $60 000. I remain absolutely convinced of the reality of such achievements.

Hosp made one curious remark: in his opinion, in order for the bitcoin reached a level of $60 000, you need a “significant positive development”. In this event, he said, could be the emergence of a bitcoin ETF or “extremely positive” official statement of the authorities of any country. If such a “miracle” happens, then, said Hosp, bitcoin “clearly require much more time” to reach $60 000.

Half of 2018 is behind us and the Hosp said that in August a bitcoin should be worth more than $10 000, to achieve the stated objectives:

If by the end of August, the price will exceed $10,000, then later we will see a price of $20 000. Then the media will do the trick. And then we will have a chance to see more of this year’s price of $60 000.

A certain pressure that is experienced this year, the cryptocurrency was due to the tightening of oversight by regulators. However, it was weakened after the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the U.S. last month, has clarified its position, stating that he does not consider bitcoin and ether securities.