CEO Dash Core Group Ryan Taylor in an interview with Cointelegraph stated that crypto-currencies issued by Central banks — the inevitable future, but the last word for people who “will decide what form of money they want to use as part of their life.”

According to Taylor, the Central banks have certain advantages that allow them to release their own cryptocurrency, but the question remains about what form this phenomenon will take and how the market will react. Taylor noted that “the free market can ultimately create money beyond his own characteristics those issued by the state”, stressing:

I firmly believe that it is inevitable. All governments will be forced, either voluntarily or yielding to the pressure of competition, to launch its own cryptocurrency. But I don’t think this is the direction we should expect the greatest innovations.

Taylor also predicted that world government will soon begin to regulate cryptosphere. Small countries will be the pioneers in this business, because the risks are not so great. In addition, the head Dash made another prediction: it is estimated that the US government will regulate the cryptocurrency sector in the next year.

Commenting on the recent approval of one of the key developers of Ethereum Joey Zhou that the Venezuelan Petro cryptocurrency partly copied from Dash, Taylor noticed that this is not surprising, adding:

It’s open source, and there is no need to talk about plagiarism, but certain aspects they are indeed copied.

We will remind, this week the Bank of Japan stated that, in his opinion, issued by the Central banks digital currency will be ineffective.