According to the head of the largest bitcoin exchange Binance Campana Zhao, thanks to cryptocurrency companies will be able to do without banks.

The representative of JPMorgan Chase Ron Karpovich expressed his opinion that the cryptocurrency company in any case forced to use the services of banks. Karpovich added that participants of the market of digital assets should be taken financial institutions as their partners and not competitors.

Zhao replied to the representative of the big financial holding. He noted that many companies, not so small, manage to do without banks:

Now, we can’t agree. Many (not so small) businesses already don’t use banks, and they work just fine.

JPM just don’t get it, yet. (also a reason they are not a threat to #XRP)

Everyone will be in crypto. JPM will ultimately have to use #crypto.

— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) 20 March 2019 R.

“JPM haven’t figured it out yet. This is also the reason why he is not a threat to XRP. Everyone will be in the crypt. Eventually JPM will use it”

Twitter user Does ThisPass asked Zhao whether it supports the recent initiative of the six major banks who intend to release stabilini platform World Wire from IBM. The head of the Binance said that mass adoption of cryptocurrency is good and that he welcomes any participant in this market.

I just said “everyone will be in crypto”. Adoption And more is better than less. I never supported or not supported any particular bank.

I would welcome everyone to join crypto, which is inevitable anyway. Better get use to it rather than fight it.

— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) 21 March 2019 R.

“It is better to use them than to fight them”, — said Zhao.

We will remind, recently Binance has made available the purchase of bitcoin 1,300 newsagents across Australia.