Experts of the analytical company Chainalysis in the latest report on crimes against holders of Ethereum, announced that the victims of more than 2 thousand fraudulent schemes over the period from 2016 began about 40 thousand users. In 2017 they have lost their assets by $17 million, and in 2018 – $36 million total over the past year the number of implemented schemes has decreased, but they have become more sophisticated and widespread, and the activity of attackers in an attempt to capture ETN has grown by almost 75%.

So, despite the fact that in 2017, 88,6% of crimes were related to phishing, in 2018, its share in the overall picture was 38.7%. 15% occurred in the financial pyramid, 14.9 percent for a Scam, of 31.5% on the disappearance of the organizers of the ICO.

We will remind, a month ago, analysts Chainalysis reported that of 460 million bitcoin addresses in the economic processes involved 37%. 86% of this total, there are 147 million addresses that belong to the branded services, such as cryptomeria or darknet sites.