The American analytical company Chainalysis stated that she was not involved in collecting and selling personal data of customers of crypto currency exchange Coinbase.

The accusations against the company crumbled after last week representatives of Coinbase stated that they were forced to use the solutions of a startup Neutrino because their previous supplier of analytical services distributed customer data.

Although Coinbase is not named a specific company, Chainalysis decided to clarify that within the framework of its operating activities it does not store or transmit personal information.

“Using tools Chainalysis exchange transmit transaction data but not personally identifiable information of its customers to Chainalysis could automate the process of monitoring transactions. Link of transaction with users is not Chainalysis because we do not collect identifying information from the exchanges,” the company said in an official statement.

Chainalysis also noted that allocates a transaction “on the basis of indicators of risk behaviour”, for example, if you know that the recipient address is associated with the merchant on the darknet or a terrorist organization. It is enough to know that a particular address belongs to a client of the exchange, while additional information is not required, says the company.

Previously with similar statements were made by the other partner Coinbase Analytics company Elliptic.

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