Developer of the popular client Parity Parity Technologies, the company reiterated the possibility of restoring access to frozen funds totaling $62 million, According to CEO Jutta Steiner, option CREATE2 hard forks in Constantinople creates all necessary conditions for holding another upgrade.

“If CREATE2 would exist, then the vulnerability would have never happened. Not the correct solution would be to fix the problems that arose when we did not have this tool?”, — said Steiner.

So, in April 2018 in Parity, said not seeking hard forks after the community has strongly rejected the proposal EIP-999, however, immediately after the incident at the end of 2017 in a press release the following was stated:

“You should not have any illusions about alternative solutions to this problem. We should conduct a rescue operation to unlock the funds, and this is possible only through the network hard forks”.

Now Steiner is convinced that the Parity argument are quite serious.

“This does not mean that we and other projects will immediately refund your money. This will require another hard forks”.

Recall that a critical vulnerability in purses Parity with multipoles was discovered on 7 November 2017. Then the company said, which is probably unknown user accidentally activated the vulnerability in smart-the contract/the library and ordered him self-destruct.

Frozen was not only the means most Parity, but the ICO projects Polkadot, ICONOMI and Musiconomi.

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