The CEO of one of the world’s largest bitcoin exchanges OKEx Chris Lee abruptly left the post, reports Bloomberg.

If the resignation took place at a time when the market began a large-scale international expansion and came in recent weeks, one of the leaders in terms of daily trading volumes.

In an electronic letter to Bloomberg, the stock exchange has stated that Chris Lee resigned from his post for personal reasons, including the desire “to start a new life.”

Representative Lee added that he wants to take a break, take a break from professional life and spend more time with the family, then return to the blockchain community.

At the moment, OKEx has not yet announced who will replace Chris Lee in this position.

Earlier, the exchange OKEx based in mainland China, where he worked under the name of OKCoin and was one of the most popular trading platforms in the world. Under pressure from the Chinese authorities, the exchange subsequently moved to Hong Kong and continued its activity under a new guise.

In recent days the trading volume on the exchange exceeded $2.1 billion, which is much higher than other popular exchange Binance ($1.9 billion).

In April, the exchange announced the opening of its office in Malta, expressing confidence that the opening of the new unit on the territory of this island state will lay the Foundation for future business development OKEx.