The CEO of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, Chanpen Zhao promised to run a decentralized trading platform (DEX) in early 2019 or even at the end of 2018. About this he wrote on Twitter.

In the first stage Binance plans to present users a beta version of the trading platform, so they can appreciate the benefits of a new product. CEO Binance said:

Has just held a meeting during which they discussed the options of startup Binance DEX. On this platform tokens BNB will be used as “gas”. However, the exchange will not be able to control the means of users. Our goal is to launch a public beta by the end of this or early next year. We are working nonstop on Saturdays!

Chanpen, Zhao has repeatedly noted the benefits of decentralized exchanges, arguing that such trading platforms are the future.

Among the main advantages of decentralized platforms CEO Binance allocates the users ‘ freedom and their ability to fully control the funds. On such sites you can not create accounts, there is no need to apply for withdrawal. All operations are performed on the blockchain using cryptocurrency wallets.

Earlier, Chanpen Zhao said the intention of his team to gain a foothold at all promising cryptocurrency markets.