In Cardano came back “bears”. Cryptocurrency Friday morning is estimated at $0,1420 and quite noticeably decreases.

As you can see on the daily chart, the price Cardano was unable to hold above $0,1500 and fell sharply to the greenback. According to a report by leading analyst RoboForex, Dmitry Gorlovskogo, the current movement only confirms the idea that after the break line bullish trend $1,1550 of force “bears” have increased. In the current environment, it is possible that Cardano will not go even lower – to $0,1300.

Previously, Cardano showed up, several approaches to overcome resistance at $0,1600. All of them failed. Then the instrument began to rapidly decline. A new breakthrough down from $0,1500 Cardano returned to the previous low of $0,1132. Hour chart fully confirms the fact, which is well seen on the daily. After a break of bullish trend $0,1500 pair went down below the line of intermediate support around $0,1450. There are risks of deepening sales to $0,1300.

Key support level for Cardano is now $0,1350. Resistance lies on the boundary of $0,1500. The MACD on the daily chart is moving in the negative zone, but demonstrates the growth attempts and does not give a clear signal. The Stochastic oscillator is decreasing in the positive zone and starts generating a sell signal.

Not long ago, the founder of Cardano , Charles Hoskinson (Charles Hoskinson) visited the headquarters of Google, where he held a meeting devoted to cryptocurrencies and their future. Hoskinson, then noticed that Ethereum is not considered one of the “pioneers” in the sector of virtual currency and stressed that Ethereum, despite the initial advantages, not so big “margin of safety”.

Examining competitors, Hokinson drew attention to the lack of Ethereum opportunity to use popular programming languages. In addition, the platform does not support download popular apps. All this, according to founder Candano, popularity Ethereum does not add, as it takes time to get familiar with new tools.

In addition, Hoskinson is questionable and prospects for Ethereum in terms of writing smart contracts. He believes that too few professionals know this technique and knows how to use it, so talking about any “flagship items”.

Interestingly, in the Cardano smart contract test was launched in may, and in July the anticipated launch of the second version. In Cardano say that their development is successful and in demand. The claims of Hoskinson to Ethereum is also clear: their paths diverged a few years ago after the parties were unable to resolve the issue of further development strategy.


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