Aldon Cardano takes the first place in the ranking of the cryptocurrency at the activity on GitHub in 2018. About according to the analytical resource Coincodecap, which monitors all source code changes, including updates to existing sites.

According to the service in the last 12 months Cardano received 45,000 commits, all its repositories, which is conducted in 16 programming languages.

In the top-5 also includes Augur (21 644 commits), 0x (18 095) Ethereum (15 617) and Lisk (14 754).

For comparison, Bitcoin has received only 3 269 source code changes in all its implementations, and the BCH – 988.

It should be noted that Coindecap monitors not only changes related to improvements to the Protocol, but all other updates, including infrastructure.

Tracking of activity of developers of cryptocurrency on GitHub is also engaged in resource Cryptomiso. According to his version of the ranking of the projects is different:

Unlike Coincodecap, this site does not track infrastructure changes, and takes into account only the updates of the code base.

In January 2017 in the ranking Cryptomiso the first position was occupied by Cardano, but at the moment the leader is Insolar.

Some experts believe that the activity on GitHub is a good indicator for those projects that are working to improve and develop their products. However, the services that track these changes do not reflect the quality and depth of these updates. Therefore, their data can be used for General understanding of the activity on projects, but not for making decisions about investments.