The developers tied to the U.S. dollar stablon CarbonUSD announced the transition to the EOS blockchain, CoinDesk reports.

According to representatives of the project, the Carbon team strives to make the coin interoperable among the “key” blockchain networks. It is, in their opinion, provide “a significant contribution to cryptonote in the long term.”

Originally CarbonUSD was a token on the basis of Ethereum-standard ERC-20. However, two months after launch stablon the developers have provided the possibility of moving tokens on the blockchain EOS. In their opinion, the latter implies a “lower fees and quick payments, compared to Ethereum”.

Project Carbon also offered users a service that allows you to interact with your EOS-application and, in particular, with smart contracts to convert tokens to “real USD” in 1:1 ratio.

“We are proud to be the first steilcoom on EOS and that play such an important role in the growing ecosystem. Stabilini is a critical part of the infrastructure”, — said CEO and co-founder of Carbon Sam Trautveyn.

To exchange Fiat dollars for CarbonUSD, institutional investors, hedge funds and exchanges will be able to get early access tokens, as well as to Deposit funds into the Bank account of the partner of the project.

“As an asset class, stabilini is another important milestone in the development of kryptonyte, which will lead to a new bullish cycle in the next 6-18 months”, — shared his opinion Sam Kaseman, co-founder Everipedia, which is a decentralized encyclopedia on the blockchain EOS.

We will remind, about the launch of CarbonUSD became known in September. Then, the developers have stated their intention to change the Ethereum blockchain to a more “efficient and fast”.