The Venezuelan government named a new launch date public sales of cryptocurrency Petro. They will start on October 29, not November 5 as previously reported.

As said the representative of the economic block of the government Tarek El Aissami, citizens and companies interested in buying coins Petro, will be able to do it through the website or the headquarters of the main Department of the project, reported local TV channel VTV.

The official said that the authorities are prepared to listen to the wishes of businesses and private investors to improve the quality of work cryptocurrencies including software support digital wallets and mobile apps for managing accounts.

On 5 November there will be talks between the government and banks, during which the parties will attempt to develop a mechanism for the maintenance of cryptocurrency transactions.

During his speech, El Aissami said:

We have signed commercial contracts in the cryptocurrency Petro, the amount of which exceeds $500 million And we were able to sign such contracts in just one week; we thank the operators who are willing to take the Venezuelan cryptocurrency in the sale of its goods and services.

In addition to internal use, the authorities of the Latin American Republic want to Finance via this digital asset international trade.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro had previously stated that the high reliability state Petro cryptocurrencies will be key to its success in the global market.