P2P-exchange Hodl Hodl in partnership with a licensed European broker Tenbagger announced the launch of a platform for OTC trading in bitcoin. The main feature of the new site – the possibility of working with large volumes of through neoscopelidae escrow address multipoles.

Hodl Hodl announces OTC trading desk and brokerage company — @TenbaggerChttps://t.co/UzruwtVWMA pic.twitter.com/d7sd730YNY

— Hodl Hodl (@hodlhodl) November 2nd, 2018

OTC-platform Hodl Hold will work irrespective of existing p2p platform for buying and selling BTC and LTC.

In the message exchange States that its functions boil down to matching of the parties and the transaction, the calculation of which will be carried out in the same day.

Also representatives of the platform say that although the market OTC trading bitcoin quite active, none of the existing services are not offering neoscopelidae escrow address multipoles designed to eliminate the risk of loss.

In the case of new, each new transaction is given a unique address this type.

We will remind, in October Hodl Hodl launched multisig contracts “2 of 3”. With the new option users of the platform had the opportunity to trade with escrow using only two keys out of three.

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