In June, the candidate for Congress from Missouri and cryptoanalysis Austin Peterson received a donation for his election campaign in the amount of 20 bitcoins ($133 thousand). However, due to the laws of the Federal election Commission (FEC) was forced to return them. This writes CNN.

Under FEC rules, an individual’s annual contribution to support the election campaigns shall not exceed $5400.

“Cryptocercidae” began to accept donations in bitcoin in the last year. He has twice had to return the contributions in bitcoin in the amount of $250 thousand.

Note, Austin Peterson is known for his statements in support of the development of the digital economy in the United States.

“The transformative effect of bitcoin is that you need the US financial system right now. Cryptocurrencies are the future of American freedom”, — he said in an interview with CNN.

ForkLog previously reported that in August of 2017 to accept donations in bitcoins began one of the candidates for members of the U.S. house of representatives from new York Patrick Nelson.