Canadian financial institution VersaBank announced the completion of beta testing of the project VersaVault designed to provide the exchanges and cryptopodum virtual storage for digital currencies. About it reported in a press release.

VersaBank focused exclusively on digital assets. Its head of investor relations Wade McBain stressed that the organization has already received more than 200 requests for access to the new service.

Bank CEO David Taylor said the following:

“At that time, as many are still only thinking and hatching plans to create safes for the safe storage of digital assets, we develop and create them. Now we kommerzialisierung such a service, which involves the most advanced security measures and authentication technology, and is available globally. Thanks to him, our clients will be able to experience the benefits of complete privacy”.

About the upcoming launch of the product VersaVault became known this winter. However, in March, the beta testing was attracted by two customers VersaBank.

The project also involved Gupreet Sahota, cyber safety specialist manufacturer of Blackberry smartphones.

ForkLog previously reported that in a secret vault Xapo are kept billions of dollars in bitcoins.