At a press conference in Hangzhou Canaan Creative company presented the device for mining cryptocurrency AvalonMiner A9 7-nanometer chip. It is reported Weixin.

The developers claim that Hasrat ASIC miner reaches from 26.5 to 30 Th/s, and the performance is from 60 to 70 Watts per Th/s.

Company representatives also noted that indicators of a new 7-nanometer chip is superior to previous models due to better computing power, low energy consumption and high yield.

At the conference, Canaan Creative has announced the launch of another new product for mining Litecoin – AvalonMiner L. According to the company, the model will provide Hasrat 1 891 MH/s, and the output capacity of 0.84 Watts per Mh/s.

On the same day the company unveiled the TV AvalonMiner Inside with the function of cryptocurrency mining.

In addition, Canaan Creative has promised to release a home heater with the function of mining cryptocurrency.

It is not known when the new devices will go on sale.

We note, in July, the Japanese Internet giant GMO announced the release of miner for bitcoin on the basis of the 7-nanometer ASIC chips. It is known that Hasrat new model reaches 33 Th/s.

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