ASIC miners — a favorite point of debate. Many argue that they are harmful, although few people dispute their technical superiority. ASIC miners is superchinese in the ecosystem of mining. Some developers already said that chips for mining should be completely banned, while others wanted to limit their opportunities.

Last week, the head of security of the Ethereum Foundation Martin Canvas Svend also called for the prohibition of ASIC miners. He said he fully supports that, as soon as possible to block access to such equipment to the platform Ethereum. Currently, Martin is making efforts to change the code on the platform in no way could harm the blockchain cryptocurrencies.

Martin’s Canvas is not the only technologist who hold such a position. Now many professionals working on the Ethereum platform, consider that ASIC chips can not be allowed to the blockchain.

Talked to @OhGodAGirl about ProgPOW. Now I’m sure this code could resist the devices with fixed performance (ASIC, etc.) and that we should take it for Ethereum.

One of the biggest problems faced by developers, is that ASIC-miners significantly reduce the number of beneficiaries of the miners. The issue has been repeatedly discussed in connection with the forthcoming hardforum Constantinople. The update has been in the works for many months, and the developers still have not settled some questions. If there won’t be any unexpected problems, the update will be running on a test network of Ethereum called Ropsten October 9, approximately in the area of block number 4.2 million.

Protecting specialized chips, some technologists say that graphics card for mining can also be considered as ASIC. However, many do not agree with such statements and do not want to accept the existence of ASIC, for which there is a mass Exodus of smaller miners.