Representatives of the French company Ledger, which produces hardware wallets, told in an exclusive interview with CoinDesk that since August this year on the first Tuesday of each month will be to add support for new crypto-currency assets. Thus, by the end of 2019 will be gradually added over 100 cryptocurrency. Now purses and Ledger services provide access to only 22 tokens. This week, the Ledger adds support for Tron (TRX) and Zcoin (XZC).

According to the company, this plan is intended to meet the growing demand for multi-currency solutions, primarily from institutional investors.

Although founded in 2014, the Ledger is known mainly for hardware wallets and appropriate proposals for private clients cryptoendoliths, headed by Eric L Archives announced a new line of business Depository services, whose clients are hedge funds and other major players. According to him, it is the intent behind the initiative “Token Tuesdays”.

L Archives noticed in an interview with CoinDesk:

If we want to attract institutional investors, we have no other way but to provide support for 100 crypto currency at least. […] If that happens, hundreds of hedge funds will put money in crypto that will pave the way for other financial institutions, and then the account will go on billions.

The President Ledger Pascal Gautier, in turn, believes that the influx of traditional financial sector in the global cryptocurrency ecosystem bitcoin prostimulirujte growth, even if investors will buy other digital assets.

In addition, representatives of Ledger declare their intention to increase the practical value of their hardware wallets for retail investors. The company has already taken a step in this direction by declaring July 9 to release a new software for Ledger’s Nano and Blue Ledger called Ledger Live with support for Windows, Mac and Linux. Still hardware wallets from Ledger you can access it only through Google Chrome. This caused inconvenience: to control the cryptocurrency users had to install a Ledger using the three Manager Google Chrome (bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple). Ledger Live is now available as a single application, without using the browser.

The demand for software grows faster than hardware wallets, which sold more than a million. According to L Archeveche, the number of monthly app users grew from 100,000 in November 2017 up to 500 000 today.

L Archives explained that the functionality of Ledger Live allows communities of users of the cryptocurrency to build support for their favorite coins.

As for institutional investors, the Ledger is already working with the Japanese Bank Nomura. The latter uses the tools of the company in its Depository service.