Blockchain startup Bitsy, via Medici Ventures controlled by online retailer launched in beta mode digital crypto is to “provide simple, safe and convenient bridge” for transition from Fiat money to cryptocurrency.

In the first stage using crypto and QR codes individuals can conduct transactions with bitcoin, according to the developers of the product, getting the full control over their funds. Further Bitsy plan to add support for altcoins, but at the end of this or the beginning of 2019, the application can be integrated into the system – to purchase items for the cryptocurrency or bitcoins.

Among the features of crypto its creators allocate a simple and intuitive interface, the user identification using biometric data as well as “revolutionary way to recover funds” if the crypto was lost.

Chapter Patrick Byrne (Patrick Byrne) believes that “his appearance Bitsy sets a new standard for cryptocell and changes the accepted rules of the game, because it provides users the freedom promised by bitcoin”. Chapter Bitsy Ann Marie Hopkins (Ann-Marie Hopkins) is also convinced that the crypto conduct bitcoin transactions will easily be able to attend.

Recall, the head of with great enthusiasm applies to bitcoin and not just defended it, for example, stating that “money needs to be provided with something, gold or bitcoins”, and the us dollar is at least questionable means of accumulation, than cryptocurrencies.