Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin questioned conspiracy theories associated with the banking dynasty of the Rothschilds, after rumors that the band plans to enter the stock market.

Buterin initiated a discussion in the subreddit /r/ethereum on the issue of the potential influence of the project, IMMO, developed by the Rothschild Group, in the cryptocurrency industry, urging users to share their opinions.

He also started a similar discussion on Twitter:

“Are “Rothschilds” in fact, so influential and coordinated, according to the supporters of the conspiracy theory, or is it just a group of people belonging to the financial aristocracy, and everything else is just an exaggeration? Help me figure out and solve!”.

Are “the Rothschilds” actually remotely as coordinated and powerful as the conspiracy theorists seem to believe, or are they just a group of old-money socialites and all that other stuff is overhyped?

Help me learn and decide!

— Vitalik “Not giving away ETH” Buterin (@VitalikButerin) May 26, 2018

The responses from Reddit users that the launch of the project, IMMO can be a significant event for the stock market, is not convinced Buterin the influence of the Rothschild dynasty.

“My updated opinion, formed after received the answers, is that it’s just the people born in different categories of the financial aristocracy, and the theory that they are anything more groundless”, – concluded Buterin.

Messages about the project IMMO appeared first on cryptocurrency in the media last week. Although all of these publications are based on rumors and leaked information, it is assumed that the Rothschilds are planning to create a similar Tether stablon and peg it to gold or a similar asset.

Also there are opinions that the project IMMO is associated with The Economist – the publication that first announced the concept of a “world currency” in the late 80’s, and also belongs to the Rothschilds.

Previous experiments Rothschild with bitcoin through a third party did not have much impact on the industry. So, in July 2017 Rothschild Investment Corporation has invested in the Fund, the Bitcoin Investment Trust sponsored by Grayscale Investments.

And in February 2018 Goldman Sachs, another member of the Rothschild Group, through a deal c Circle acquired crypto currency exchange Poloniex.