Developers EOS wrote off 1 billion tokens from the balance of the player application Se7ens who took advantage of vulnerability in the smart contract, to charge himself with the amount of 100 thousand times higher than specified in the rules airdrop campaign. Under the terms of the creators of EOS games, community members could get 10 thousand tokens, all of which would have amounted to half of the 7 billion issue of EOS.

Outrage “EOS billionaire” was the fact that after he reported the bug on Reddit, the developers without much explanation of the reduced amount in his account to 100 thousand tokens. Means “magically disappeared”, not even leaving a record in the chronicle of activities of the user.

“…That is, the team gave itself the right to modify the balance of the client at his own discretion. How they plan to get listed on a stock market with this approach to assets?” – he was indignant.

Recall that in September, hackers broke into smart contracts on two gaming platforms on the basis of EOS, stealing $260 thousand. And recently, manufacturers of power in the network EOS accused of collusion, which allows them to participate in mutual vote and share the profits. Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has denied involvement in the manipulation of the vote in the EOS network and the existence of any arrangements with other manufacturers blocks, and Brendan Blumer (Brendan Blumer), the head of the company-developer of EOS, stated its position on how to avoid manipulation.