The company is controlled by Bitmain starts mining pools for the mining of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

According to a press release, the move is aimed at scaling of mining infrastructure Ethereum.

The statement also said that the users of the portal will be able not only to engage in mining of these cryptocurrencies, but also to switch their computing power from the pool to the pool Ethereum Ethereum Classic depending on the market sentiment.

Mining of these cryptocurrencies will happen with GPUs, despite the fact that in April released Bitmain ASIC miner for Ethereum. According to the Director Juana Jun, this is due to the ubiquity and simplicity of GPU-miners.

“We expect that over the next 12 months our mining pool will control 12% Hasrat Ethereum”, — said Zhuang Jun.

Note, in the last year produced 21% of all bitcoin blocks. At the moment, according to, a mining pool owns 17.3% of Hasrat network of the first cryptocurrencies.

The share of mining pools Antpool and in General hestate network bitcoin is gradually reduced.

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