Team mining service Coinhive designed for mining Monero with the help of computer facilities visitors web sites, announced the closing of the project. March 8, the company will be stopped, and the access control panel, users will still have until April 30.

This step is illustrated by the economic inadvisability of the project related to the fall Hasrat network Monero after the last hard forks by more than 50%, and a depreciation of the XMR. Today it is $49,29 per unit.

Recall that shortly – on the block 1788000 – Monero will have a new hardwork, which will be introduced PoW-algorithm CryptonightR and dynamic block size, and also reduced the size of the transaction and increased privacy. In addition, on February 28 the result of hard forks Monero Rings will have a new eponymous altcon. Its developers plan to release 30 million tokens, of which 70% will be distributed through airdrop, 10% will reserve for bounty programs, and another 20% for further development.

Earlier, the developers of Monero announced the establishment of a working group aimed at combating the hidden mining and anti-malware – Malware Response Workgroup. In the early years researchers Sergio Pastrana (Sergio Pastrana), Complutense University of Madrid name of Charles III and Guillermo Suarez-Tangil (Guillermo Suarez-Tangil) from London’s kings College, analyzing 4.4 million examples of malicious code and activity by nearly a million cryptoguru for 2007-2018., came to the conclusion that they mined to 4.32% of the outstanding Monero (XMR).