Confidential cryptocurrency browser extensions Brave over the last four months have been downloaded in the Google Play Store 10 million times, increasing the total number of users doubled. The company is a developer Brave Software announced in the official Twitter-account last Friday.

In may, the company announced 5 million downloads, however this figure the browser has reached only 6 months after they reach the mark of one million downloads. Recall that the Brave positions itself as a secure browser with an integrated adblocker and rewards system allowing content creators to earn money. The application has its own digital currency — tokens BAT, which users can send any authors and sites.

Brave interested investors from the beginning. At the stage of primary placement of coins (ICO) startup has raised $36 million in just 30 seconds. At that time it was a definite record for the ICO. Once the browser is launched Brave not ceased to grow, add new features, and partnerships with important companies, for example, with the Dow Jones Media Group. Cooperation with the media group was opened by some Brave users access to premium content publications from a large company directory.

The browser also offers owners YouTube channels and Twitch streamers with a way of earning, which brings much more income than traditional advertising models. We are talking about the same system rewards the Brave, which allows viewers to send donuts with your favorite bloggers. The company even signed a contract with one of the bloggers — Philippe Defranco (Philip DeFranco), to expand its audience due to its young viewers. On the channel, Defranco currently more than 6 million subscribers.

“I’m excited to work with Brave and tell about them because, along with the development of fast and safe browser, the company thinks about the content creators, their audience and how these people maintain. This is an incredible opportunity for authors who wish to develop versatile and get a platform that will help them to turn their hobby into a real business,” commented the blogger.

The most active users of Brave who regularly send donuts to your favorites, you can do to earn it, receiving remuneration from the platform. Another way to earn tokens BAT is a view endorsed by the leadership of the Brave ads. If the user agrees to be exposed to the ad gets a percentage of the income from it. Earned tokens BAT can be easily converted into Fiat.

In July, the company announced that it has 3 million active users per month and plans to increase this figure to 5 million by the end of 2018. In August, the Brave developers shared plans for the implementation of a reward system for users of Twitter and Reddit.

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