Roberto Escobar, the older brother of Colombian drug Lord Pablo Escobar has launched a cryptocurrency project, whose goal, apparently, is the impeachment of the President of the United States Donald trump. It is reported by The Next Web.

According to information on the website token standard ERC20 is called ESCOBAR. In essence the coin is steilcoom tied to the US dollar (ESCOBAR 1 = us $0.25).

“A token created in as a tool to raise funds for the Foundation of the impeachment trump”, — stated on the project website.

Starting January 9, the presale is supposed to last until may 10. During this phase, the project intends to sell 200 million tokens, which corresponds to 20% of their total sentence.

Not everybody appreciates this initiative

The Head Of Escobar Inc. Olof Gustaffson noted that the project first planned to raise $50 million via crowdfunding platform GoFundMe, the campaign then was called ByeByeTrump. After blocking this initiative, the project team decided to immediately release the token.

“Having collected $10 million in just 10 hours, the GoFundMe campaign has broken. 24 hours later we launched stablly ESCOBAR to nobody subjected to censorship us again. We believe that disrupted our plans, the administration of trump, or the trump” — said Gustaffson.

We will remind, last year Roberto Escobar attempted to run Bitcoin Diet. The coin apparently did not compete the first cryptocurrency.